Protect Your Home/Office/Organization With Richfield Green Cleaning Service

Keeping a neat and clean interior plus exterior in your office or home, or business is paramount. A spic-and-span environment beautifully expunge harmful germs, bacteria, and microorganisms and presents crisp shine and welcoming appeal to visitors, guest, and customers. 

Apart from dust and dirt, conventional cleaning products also add pollutants and bring contaminants to your indoor space. Be it a residence or office workspace- if you seek a clean, safe environment, opt for green cleaning services from your nearest janitorial service. 


Effects of Conventional Cleaning Products on Individuals

The cleaning products that may you or your amateur cleaning personnel using currently can do more harm than good. Standard janitorial services use chemical cleaners to get a deep-down cleaning result. But those products badly cause environmental damage, and also harm individuals like the residents, office employees, guests, or whoever comes in contact with the solution. 

Eventually, traditional cleaning products available in Richfield, MN, contains several or any numbers of the following chemical substances:

Chlorine bleach: This ingredient is more unpleasant than its noxious smell. Bleach contributes the organochlorine development, most notably chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). These are the two most dangerous elements to stagnate the Earth’s ozone layer. 

Phosphates: Phosphate indirectly causes suffocation in marine life due to unbalanced algae levels in small bodies of water. This ingredient is highly found in a large number of detergents and other cleaning products. 

Antibacterial agents: Due to the excessive use of antibacterial agents such as triclosan and benzalkonium chloride, antibiotic-resistant bacteria or superbugs get raised. The agent fuels up the rapid growth of the superbugs and makes them strong. That makes human illness harder to treat. 

Phthalates: The agent which causes cancer and reproductive illness in lab animals. Unfortunately, phthalates are found in several products, including cosmetics, producing long-lasting aromas. 

Including the above-mentioned harmful elements, petroleum, VOCs, Glycol ethers, Pesticidesand carcinogens are also some dangerous ingredients included in typical cleaning products. 

Sadly, such a long list of detrimental chemicals and environmental repercussions can be very disheartening. So, do not put yourself into using these traditional cleaning products. Numerous life-saving methods truly work better in a better way! 


Hire Expert Cleaners With Green solution

Several professional cleaning providers who also offer disinfectant cleaning services use Eco-friendly solutions to keep your home or office space clean without putting you and the environment at serious health risks. 

 At present, the green-friendly statement is giving a reminder or alerting everyone to be more sincere about the environment. Therefore, more and more janitorial services are offering green cleaning solutions. These Eco-friendly products do not provide a burning sensation to the eyes or nose and protect the welfare of your family, pets, employees, visitors, guests, and you, of course. 

Whether it is general cleaning or deep cleansing, the biodegradable, non-toxic, and nonflammable Eco products are useful for every project type. For one-time cleaning or routine cleaning in your office premises or house-ground, the green-cleaning solution goes best with all. Selecting a janitorial service in Richfield, MN, that uses Eco-friendly products will automatically improve your space’s hygiene quality.