Minneapolis Commercial Cleaning vs Residential Cleaning: How Do They Differ?

There is a very thin line between residential cleaning and commercial cleaning, which differs from one another. Where residential cleaning companies in Minneapolis, MN, deals with private homes, on the other hand, commercial cleaners work on offices and commercial properties.

Some commercial cleaning services handle every residential cleaning. They eventually clean the property after new constructions, known as post-construction cleaning. The cleaning expert cleans all window panes, extract debris and pollutants, and get the home ready for the residents.

Firstly, let’s understand the difference between commercial cleaning services and residential cleaning services.

Commercial Cleaning Services

  • The commercial cleaners start performing their job after duty hours when the complex is closed for the public.
  • They mop and sweep all floors like wood, ceramic, tile, linoleum, laminate, etc.
  • Vacuum and steam clean the carpet surface.
  • Clean and sanitize the toilet, restroom, entrance gate, all interior glass doors throughout the building.
  • Replace the air freshener cartridges if and when needed.
  • Dump all trash containers.
  • Dust all office furniture, stationery, such as cabinets, desks, Venetian blinds, etc.
  • Sweep walls, ceiling fans; replace air conditioner filters.
  • Wash, shampoo the carpets and rugs and clean the upholstery as and when needed.
  • Polish or reconstruct the floor when required.
  • Do other small maintenance and fixing jobs like changing light bulbs, etc.


Residential Cleaning Services

  • They dust everything from floor to ceiling, tables, bookcases, furniture, etc.
  • Scrub and wash the bathroom, including the bathtub and other essentials.
  • Make everything dust-free through deep cleaning.
  • Clean entire kitchen, dishes.
  • Wash and dry the clothes and organize them.
  • Sweep and mop the floor in the whole building.
  • Clean the carpet, rugs, and upholstery when needed.
  • Make the indoor air pollutant-free, microorganism free, and make the air smell pleasant.
  • Organize beds, change sheets and curtains.
  • Dust the ceiling fans.
  • Clean the fridge, mirror, and other pieces in the house.
  • Empty the trash can fully.


Commercial cleaning vs Residential cleaning

Both the cleaning service performs various similar jobs the commercial cleaning service offers much more assistance depending upon the diverse nature of every business.

The residential cleaning services usually send one or two helping hands to the client’s home to accomplish the work. But commercial cleaning service sent multiple workers to complete the job, of course depending upon service.

Residential cleaning companies often do not check the background of the employees. Commercial cleaning companies always double-check the workers’ credentials or details because businesses hold more confidential materials to get concerned about.

Moreover, the recent commercial cleaning companies use green-friendly solutions to clean the workspace instead of the typical chemical cleaners. So, business owners need not worry about the safety of their employees and the environment as well. Being an office owner, one should consider the well-being of their employees, customers, and visitors. The licensed cleaning company ensures the cleanliness of the atmosphere. They also help to maintain the working place safe and germ-free.

In fact, in factories and manufacturing buildings residing in Minneapolis, MN, many chemical spills and wastage occur. And, those hazards need to be taken care of carefully. Well, in that case, a commercial cleaning company can be the back savior!