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Janitorial Services in Minneapolis, MN

Professional Janitorial Services

Save time, money, effort and overhead by hiring a janitor from Minneapolis Commercial Cleaners. Janitorial services are unlike traditional cleaning packages, in that the janitor will stay with you as a personal cleaner throughout your work day. This allows you to be able to control the cleaning you want, the way you want it by communicating with our janitor on site. If any incidents arise, you don’t need to wait a day to have someone come out to resolve it, you have your own dedicated janitor to help out right away.

Our janitors are nothing, if not reliable and prompt. Having a janitor on hand for any accidents or issues isn’t going to do you much good if they aren’t reliable or on time. That’s why when we train our janitors and acclimate them to our standard of cleaning and posture, we place a strong emphasis on timeliness. Reliability seems like a no-brainer when it comes to businesses that offer goods and services, but we know that not every business focuses on reliable service like Minneapolis Commercial Cleaners does. We take the extra time, effort and focus that’s required to get the job done safely, quickly and most important, cleanly.

If there is one word that could define us as a company, it would be cleanliness. It should go without saying that a cleaning company should be clean and tidy. Our janitorial staff are impeccably clean and strive for perfection when it comes to cleaning your business. One aspect of having a janitor on-call for your business each day, is that you come to know them and treat them like friends or family. We feel as if the only way this could be possible, would be if you could relate to them, and cleanliness is something everyone can relate to. No one likes to have dirty living space, or to walk into a room in disarray. Cleanliness is a common thread between people, especially in Minneapolis.

Having a janitor on-call for your company or construction site is more than just having a constant cleaner for your space. It’s having constant, unerring maintenance for the image of your business. Cleaning is more than just image though, the benefits of cleaning go much deeper than the surface level. With a janitor keeping your grounds tidy, you’re actually gaining physical and mental benefits as well. For the price we charge, it seems like a bargain for everything you’re getting!

Most times a company hires another company to provide services, a contract is signed to agree upon certain terms and conditions. We believe in the power of someone’s word. We’re not saying that we don’t sign contracts, but what someone says to us carries more weight than a signed piece of paper. We prefer to deal with our clients in person, but we’re very flexible and we’ve worked with hundreds of companies in the past and each prefer it a different way. Just know that Minneapolis Commercial Cleaners is willing to work with you and your company to do what’s best.

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