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Commercial Office Cleaning – Minneapolis, MN

Professional Commercial Office Cleaning

Your office is the most important hub of your business. It’s where deals are made, projects are pushed forward and morale is boosted. It’s tough to boost morale if the office is cluttered, grime-covered and stale. A stale office only leads to stagnancy. Brighten up your business with a thorough cleaning from Minneapolis Commercial Cleaners. We’ll come in and do an assessment, then set you up with the best package to suit your needs. If you need heavy carpet or floor cleaning, we’ll set up you with that. If you need more frequent window cleaning appointments, no problem, we can customize our plans to whatever works best for you.

Flexible Plans
Our cleaning plans are as versatile as our cleaning teams. From early morning cleaning regimens to late night scourings, we can accommodate you. It’s easy for us to be flexible because our staff are friendly and have no problem adjusting their schedule to suit your needs. Our cleaning teams are what keep us in business. Without their willingness to adapt to each Minneapolis business that we service, we would be forced to sacrifice some of our offerings, and the things that make our business great.

Cleaning Effectively
While there is no college you can go to in order to learn cleaning skills, you might be fooled after watching our cleaning teams go to work. They cut through dirt and grime like a hot knife through butter. Without complaining, they start at the top and work their way through your list of cleaning tasks and problem areas. One of our employees works as hard as two from other local cleaning companies, and we value their effectiveness and tenacity. Having hardworking crews helps not only us, but keep costs lower for our clients too.

We have an above average loyalty rate among our cleaning teams. We treat all of our employees fairly, compensate for extra hours and reward our hardest workers accordingly. What that does is creates an environment where incentives present and within grasp. Our employees love cleaning for us and that enthusiasm and energy is passed along into cleaning your local business. Call Minneapolis Commercial Cleaners today and you can see for yourself how hardworking and dedicated our employees really are. Don’t take our word for it!

Even if you’re the best window cleaner, floor scrubber, bathroom sanitizer in the world, if you’re not friendly, people will avoid you like the plague. There’s something to be said about being kind and agreeable. We try to only hire cleaners of that demeanor. While we’re not always perfect, we take every stride to make sure our teams work well together and are amiable while still getting the job done. If you call into our number, listed at the top of the page, you’ll find out just how cordial and happy our staff members are. They do this job because they are treated fairly, with compassion and they are compensated for the difficult job they do.

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